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Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is simply making sure that your website is providing the needed information that search engines, such as Google or Bing, are searching for, to allow them to provide quality links to their customers.

Owning a website is one thing, but making it visible to search engines is another story.

We can help you make sure your website contains the information search engines are searching for.


We Make The Connection.

Google, Bing, meet Your Website.

Your Website, this is Google and Bing.

We start the conversation and then make sure your website is being seen by the search engines.

 Your Potential Customers Are Out There Searching

…But Can They Find You?

To provide customers with quality links, search engines are searching for specific content, but does your website have the triggers they are searching for to list your website?


All SEO Plans Include


  • Affordable payments – All of our SEO plans are split over 3 month contracts.
  • Website audit to determine how your website is currently performing.
  • Page optimization of at least 10+ pages.
  • Keyword Targeting of at least 15+ Keywords
  • Google Analytics install.
  • .XML Sitemap optimization and Google Search Connection.
  • Robots.txt Check

Basic SEO
per month
A Great Way To Begin
Perfect for a new organization or small business.
Campaign Setup & Optimization
Website Audit
Google Analytics Integration
Keyword Research
15 Selected Targeted Keywords
On-Page Optimization
Page Optimization (10 Pages)
Title Tag Optimization (10 Pages)
Meta Description Optimization (10 Met Descriptions)
Meta Keyword Optimization (10 Meta Keywords)
Initial Off-Page SEO
.xml Sitemap Optimization
Robots.txt Check
Google Business Check-Up
Local Directories
Advanced SEO
per month
Stay On Top
Perfect for established businesses looking to remain at the top.
Campaign Setup & Optimization
Website Audit
Google Analytics Integration
Keyword Research
35 Selected Keyword Targeting
Inclusion Of Anchor Indexing Modifications
On-Page Optimization
Page Optimization (15 Pages)
Title Tag Optimization (15 Pages)
Meta Description Optimization (15 Met Descriptions)
Meta Keyword Optimization (15 Meta Keywords)
Image Optimization
Initial Off-Page SEO
.xml Sitemap Optimization
Robots.txt Check
Google Search Integration
Google Business Check-Up
Google Places Integration
Local Directories
Local Business Listings
Directory Submissions
Link Building
Slide Share Marketing
Social Bookmarking
Prior Analysis
Business Analysis
Consumer Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Monthly Reporting
Email Support
Phone Support

All StoryWorks SEO Plans Include

Affordable Payments

Split the total cost of your SEO plan over 3 months.

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Financially, that hard part about upgrading your website SEO is that it takes time.  So we want to help take the sting out of improving your SEO by making affordable monthly payments, instead of a one-lump-sum contract. 




Page Optimization

We tune up 10+ pages to increase your SEO.

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Even though SEO can be very complicated, in some ways it’s pretty simple.  Search Engines are searching for specific information when looking for websites to display for a keyword.  To raise your SEO the first step is to make sure a page on your website includes the right information.

Each of our SEO plans include Page Optimization where we walk through each page and make sure it’s speaking the language that Search Engines are looking for.

Google Analytics

Know who is coming to your site and what they are looking at.

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The amount of information you can gain by using Google Analytics is HUGE! Know your audience, who they are, where they are coming from, what they are looking at, how long they stay, and most important where they were at within your site when they decided they had seen enough and leave.

This information can be invaluable when fine tuning your website.

Robot.txt Check

We make sure it’s being read correctly with no issues.

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Chances are you’ve never heard of a Robot.txt file?  Basically it’s a text file that contains vital information about the contents of your website that is hidden deep within the structure of your site.  Website are discovered and chronicled by “robots” that crawl the internet always searching for new contet. The information in your Robot.txt file is what they are reading, so as you can imagine it’s vitally important that they can read this file correctly. That is where we come in.

Website Audit

You have to know where to start to be successful.

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Every SEO plan we offer includes a full website audit.  During this audit we not only review the content on your website, how it is structured and what changes will need to be made, but also how you are currently being viewed by the search engines.  After this audit, we then know what steps we’ll need to take to increase your SEO. 


Keyword Targeting

We’ll optimize your site for a minimum of 10+ Keywords.

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Keywords are the actual search terms that your customers are using to locate websites like yours.  We make sure that your website is connected to the keywords that will be most profitable to what you do. 

Google Search

Integration of your .xml Sitemap

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Your .xml Sitemap is the starting poing of your SEO. Your Sitemap is basically the handshake that introduces you to the available search engines. Without this one piece you are severly holding back your SEO.

Competition Analysis

Want to know how your competitors are structuring their SEO. With our Pro and Advanced plans, we can reveal their secrets to help give you the edge.

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Have you ever seen your competition online and wondered why they are being viewed and not you?  With the Competitor Analysis offered with our Pro and Advanced plans, we can tell you information such as:

  • What keywords they are targeting.
  • What organic keywords are working for them?
  • What businesses you’re competing for keywords directly with.
  • What keywords they are using for Google Adwords.
  • How much they are spending on Google Adwords vs. Organic search terms.




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